Design your own fireplace.

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Wisdom has a large collection of fireplaces but there are times where you may need something special. This is where we can help with our bespoke service. Our highly skilled craftsmen will work with you to create a unique bespoke fireplace for any needs. Occasions where you may use this service are:-

  • You may want to create a pair of fireplaces based on a single design for two connecting rooms.
  • Your room may have a distinctive style and require specialist detailing
  • You may need a fireplace of a specific size or proportion.
  • It may be that you need a particular colour of wood or other material.

We also offer a consultancy service and can offer advice to help you chose and build your fireplace. For example, these services have been used by the National Trust to ensure the most appropriate designs and functionality for their period properties.

If you have a dream for your home, and can't find the solution, please call at our showroom or contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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