Important Product Information

Please note, our range consists of hand crafted craftsmen built items. Buyers strongly advised to read the following important product information. If you have any questions, please contact us

  • Marble, stone, granite and slate are natural materials, and as such may vary in shade and colour. No guarantee can be given that the product will be uniform, or that it will be same as depicted on this website.
  • Most marbles are inherently unsound and this may vary from hairline cracks in some varieties to extensive brecciation. Generally speaking the more figuring a marble contains the greater the need for reinforcement, repair and filling. Fortunately, with modern techniques these repairs and fillings can be well concealed and the parts so treated are normally the stronger sections of the marble; such repairs should not therefore be regarded in any way as defects. In the course of developing a quarry, considerable variation often occurs in the colours and veining of the marble extracted, and for this reason close uniformity of appearance is not natural and should not be expected. 
  • Stone products are porous and must be sealed after fitting. Sealer can be supplied by Wisdom fireplaces. Please enquire about aftercare of your fireplace. 
  • All our timber surrounds are made from solid wood unless otherwise stated. All wood used is from sustainable resources. No two solid timber mantels will have the same wood grain or colour giving your fireplace its own character. It may be possible to construct your fireplace from reclaimed timber. Please ask.
  • Polished baskets metal surfaces may discolour when burning solid fuels, this may also occur with some gas fires. Most people would consider this to be part of the character of a fireplace. If this may cause concern we recommend a black finish. 
  • Due to the casting process all measurements are approximate and may vary slightly
  • Polished areas should remain oiled with a non flammable product until placed in a working fire situation. 
  • When burning solid fuels, new cast iron products must be tempered by burning small fires initially. No responsibility for heat damage can be accepted when this procedure has not been followed.
  • Tiles which are hand produced ensuring that no two pieces will ever be exactly the same and that inevitably there will be some shade variation from tile to tile. The soft glazes may also show a degree of crazing. This does not affect the serviceability and actually achieves a truer degree of reproduction effect.
  • Gas appliances should be installed and serviced regularly in accordance with current gas safety (installation & uses) regulations by a competent person who is a member of a recognised gas installer's organisation (e.g. corgi) and in accordance with the installation instructions.
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all products supplied are inspected before installation. No liability can be accepted for redecoration, quality or damage claims after the event.
  • Colours shown are as close as the photographic process will allow.
  • Wood or tile samples can be provided on request.
  • Due to our policy of continual improvement we reserve the right to make minor alterations to designs without prior warning. If in doubt, please ask. 
  • We recommend installation of all products by a qualified, experienced, professional fireplace fitter and cannot be held responsible for problems arising from incorrect or unqualified installation.

Wisdom fireplaces do not provide an installation service. However, details of a qualified engineer can be provided if required. The contract for any fitting work undertaken is between the customer and their chosen engineer. There is no agreement between the customer and Wisdom fireplaces concerning the fitting. We shall not be held responsible for work carried out by other parties. Wisdom Fireplaces liability shall be limited to the value of the goods supplied.

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