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Multi-fuel and Gas Stoves

Wisdom Fireplaces based in Manchester UK offer a range of cast iron multi-fuel stoves, cast iron and steel gas stoves and electric stoves, which are easy to use. We offer both traditional stoves and contemporary stoves to fit any setting. We can supply the stove alone or as a part of a fireplace. Sandstone fireplaces, solid oak mantels including a solid oak beam and slate mantels all lend themselves to wood burning stoves, coal burning stoves, gas stoves and electric stoves. We can also supply hearths and flue pipe for the stoves to stand alone in a room.

Our multi-fuel stoves include brands like Morso, with simple lines and uncluttered viewing areas, Villager, traditionally designed stoves with a single or double doors, Hunter, with cross pattern on doors, Broseley, traditional stoves with textured surface and many different door traceries, Arrow, with both modern and traditional designs including one Art Nouveau design, Yeoman, pretty traditional stoves with roses or the contemporary Yeoman Elegance range and Tiger, a simple elegant design. Gas stoves are available from Villager, Hunter, HS-gas including highly polished models, Broseley, Yeoman, Yeoman Elegance range and Tiger.  Electric stoves are available from Broseley, Villager, and Tiger.

The stoves, whether they are multifuel or gas are a very efficient way of burning fuel. The multifuel stoves provides peace of mind as they are enclosed behind glass.

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